Quintard Taylor

Professor Emeritus
Scott and Dorothy Bullitt Professor of American History
Professor Emeritus Quintard Taylor

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Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,1977

I am a specialist in African American history in the American West with over four decades of research and teaching experience in this field at a number of institutions of higher education including currently the University of Washington, Seattle. My intellectual interest in African American history in the west began when I was an assistant professor at Washington State University in 1971. That interest continues to be driven by the desire to understand African American communities in a region which historically has not been identified with black history and culture. Understanding that history allows challenges to long held paradigms about both the history of the west as a region and the history of African America. In recent years I have taught courses at both the graduate level on African American urban history and African American urban history in the West. I have also taught the Department's graduate seminar in African American history. My undergraduate offerings include the survey history of the United States, the History of African Americans in the American West, African American history since 1900, and the Great Debates in African American history. I am also an adjunct professor in the American Ethnic Studies Department and in the Center for Multicultural Education


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