The Department of History is a leader in publishing on a wide range of research topics by faculty and students. Faculty have published or co-published countless articles and over 200 books. They receive support for their writing from the department, grants, and various outside funding sources. Recent faculty publications have focused on U.S. history, global health histories, law in medieval Europe, and comparative colonialism.

Digital History

UW History is on the cutting edge of digital history scholarship. This is history at its most creative and collaborative! Faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students are involved in a wide variety of digital history initiatives that touch on diverse thematic, geographic, and temporal areas. Faculty and students are provided with support and guidance, from pedagogy to platform, as they develop their digital history projects, and graduate students are eligible to apply for Digital History Fellowships to support their summer research and projects over the summer. With additional resources available through UW Libraries and the Simpson Center for the Humanities, the UW is an ideal place for anyone interested in digital history. 

Student Research

Students pursuing a degree in history engage in research and learn fundamental skills including archival research, writing papers and articles, and positioning arguments within the wider literature. University of Washington students have access to a dedicated history librarian as well as our own History Writing Center for guidance and support with their independent research for courses. Undergraduates in the Honors in History program produce a professional-level thesis over the course of two academic quarters of independent study with a faculty mentor. The UW has its very own student-run history journal, the Historical Review at UW, showcasing writing and research in the field of history. History undergrads can get involved as editors or submit their work to be published. Important articles and papers written by graduate and undergraduate students have been published and made available to the public on the websites of the Civil Rights and Labor History Consortium.

Public History

Public engagement is central to the mission of the Department of History. From public lectures, to partnerships with high school history teachers, to campus activism, our faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students are committed to providing grounded historical context for contemporary public debates.

Research Highlights