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Dear Friends,

Private giving makes a tremendous difference in helping maintain the caliber of teaching, scholarship, and civic engagement we have come to be known for, and we are truly grateful for our generous donors.

As state dollars no longer fund many of the requirements critical to the operation of the department, we find ourselves relying more and more on gifts from alumni and friends to meet those needs. These funds help us develop new courses, attract and retain top talent, fund research, support students through their studies, host visiting scholars from around the world, create opportunities for public engagement and collaboration, and support conference and research travel.

In short, private gifts are integral to our success in the classroom and beyond. I encourage you to show your support of History at the UW by making a donation through the link below or by calling 877-UW-GIFTS (877-894-4387).

If you have questions about giving or would like to discuss how you can support the department, please, feel free to contact me at


Glennys Young
Chair, Department of History