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Support Us

Dear Friends,

Private gifts to History make a tremendous difference in helping us to maintain the high quality of our teaching, scholarship, and civic engagement, and we are enormously grateful to our supporters. We use these gifts more and more to support the critical needs of the Department, which state dollars no longer fund. These include development for new courses for undergraduates, research that culminates in books and articles, hosting outstanding visiting scholars, creating opportunities to share the Department's expertise with the public, and travel to conferences. We also use private gifts to support student scholarships, as well as to create new faculty positions and enhance existing ones. In short, private gifts are integral to the Department's success in the classroom, in scholarship, and in the community.

While donors may contribute to any of a substantial list of endowments created through private and foundation gifts to History, the Department's current priority funds are described below. If you have questions or suggestions about supporting the Department, please feel free to contact me at

On behalf of the entire Department, thank you for supporting History at the University of Washington.


Glennys Young

Department Chair