ACCESS Program

The ACCESSS Program at the University of Washington allows Washington state residents aged 60+ to audit one or two university courses per quarter on a space-available basis. As an ACCESS student, you pay a $5 service fee along with a quarterly technology fee of approximately $4 per credit. For instance, an ACCESS student auditing a 5-credit course would pay approximately $25.

ACCESS students are non-matriculated students and, as such, do not receive credit, attend discussion sections, take tests, submit papers, or any other coursework.

ACCESS students are welcome in our undergraduate courses, but do not attend any graduate-level courses (500 level and above).

Further information on the ACCESS Program, along with how to register, visit the Office of the University Registrar website.

ACCESS students are a valuable part of our department, and both professors and traditional students enjoy the contributions ACCESS students make in our courses.

To receive information about ACCESS opportunities and events within the Department of History, sign up for our ACCESS student mailing list.