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History Writing Center

Writing Center Director Julie Osborn
Writing Center Director Julie Osborn

Visit the History Writing Center for individual assistance on class writing assignments.

The UW History Writing Center offers 30-minute individual appointments during Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters with the writing center director, an experienced instructor in the Department of History. We invite students enrolled in any history class to use the Writing Center at any stage in the composition process, from brainstorming topics through multiple drafts of an essay. We encourage you to come to the writing center early in the process of working on your assignment.


Smith 210C
University of Washington, Seattle Campus


Advance appointments are recommended, especially at peak times in the quarter (midterms and last two weeks). Students are also welcome to drop in for consultation on a first-come, first-served basis. Consultations MUST be held in person. We do not provide writing assistance by email.

Please note that the History Writing Center is open during Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters and closed during the Summer quarter.

To schedule an appointment, email the writing center instructor, Julie Osborn, at

or book an appointment online:


March 27 - June 2

Monday, 9:30am - 3:30pm
Tuesday, 9:30am - 12:30pm
Wednesday, 8:30am - 3:30pm

Finals Week June 3-9

By Appointment Only

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel it as soon as possible, so that another student can use the Center at that time. If a student is more than five minutes late (without prior arrangement), that appointment will be given to drop-in students.

Please bring a paper copy to your appointment if you have a written draft prepared.

Writing assistance for other courses is available at the Odegaard Writing and Research Center or through other departmental writing centers.

How We Can Help

Our goal is to help YOU become a better writer.


  • Brainstorming topics, sources, and outlines for history writing assignments.
  • Developing a thesis statement.
  • Structuring your papers, including writing strong topic sentences.
  • Focusing on clarity of ideas and language.

We WORK COLLABORATIVELY with students to:

  • Help you identify recurring grammatical errors and figure out solutions.
  • Discuss your ideas and how different sentence structures might make those ideas more clear, including suggesting possible ways to state your ideas.
  • Offer strategies for how you can "fix" (revise, edit, proofread) your own text.

However, we do NOT proof-read or line-edit student papers.

What to bring to the writing center:

  • The assignment instructions/guidelines
  • Any work you have already done on the assignment (notes, drafts)
  • Please bring print out draft papers and bring them with you so that we can more easily work through the paper together.

No draft is ever too rough – bring it in and let's make it better. If all you have are a couple of ideas in your head, bring those and we'll help you put them on paper. Don't even know where to start? We can help you figure out the first steps to take.