In Memoriam

Remembering the Department of History's faculty members

Note that this list may not be exhaustive. Links to obituaries and articles are included where possible. If you find errors or omissions in the list, please email

Alden, Dauril 1959-2003 Latin America and comparative colonialism
Bacharach, Jere 1968-2023 Islamic Studies, Middle East, Numismatics, Ottoman Empire
Behlmer, George 1979-2020 Modern Britain, social history of family
Bergquist, Charles 1989-2020 Latin American history, global labor history
Bell, Aldon Duane 1969-1992 Nineteenth century Britain, Women's history
Bestor, Arthur 1962-1994 Constitutional law
Boba, Imre 1962-1996 European history
Bridgman, Jon 1961-2015 Modern European history
Butow, Robert 1960-2017 US-Japan relations
Burke, Robert 1957-1998 Pacific Northwest history, labor history
Camp, Stephanie 2010-2014 African American history
Carstensen, Vernon 1964-1992 African American history
Costigan, Giovanni 1934-1990 Irish and English history
Dahlin, Ebba 1922-1936  
Dobie, Edith 1926-1957 Great Britain
Dull, Jack 1963-1995 Han dynasty
Ellison, Herbert 1968-2012 Soviet and post-Soviet studies
Emerson, Donald 1946-1995 20th century European history
Freidel, Frank 1981-1993 US history
Griffiths, Gordon 1959-2001 Renaissance, Reformation, and Dutch history
Holt, Stull 1940-1981 Military history
Hufbauer, Karl ? - 2020 History of science
Kaminsky, Howard 1957-2014 Late European medieval history
Katz, Solomon 1936-1989 Byzantine history
Lytl, Scott 1949-1990 French history, medieval and modern European history
McMahon, Edward    
Meany, Edmond 1894-1935 Forestry, American history, and Pacific Northwest history
Nash, Linda   20th century American and environmental history
Palais, James 1968-2006 Korean studies
Pease, Otis 1966-2010 20th century American history
Pinckney, David 1967-1984 French history
Pressly, Thomas 1949-2012 Civil War history
Quainton, Cecil Eden   European history
Rorabaugh, William      1976-2020 US history
Saum, Lewis 1965-1998 US intellectual history
Savelle, Max 1947-1979 American Colonial history
Szeftel, Marc 1962-1985 Russian history
Solberg, Carl 1966-1985 Latin American and Canadian history
Sugar, Peter 1959-1999 European and Ottoman history
Treadgold, Donald 1949-1994 Russian history
Ullman, Joan 1966-1995 Spanish history