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General Information

The Department of History awards history credits to both majors and non-majors. Within the past few years, students have received history credit from nearly 100 different universities and programs abroad in dozens of countries. If you are participating in a direct exchange Study Abroad program and wish to receive UW History credit, please bring your orange Study Abroad Transfer Credit Evaluation form as well as a syllabus to our office for evaluation. We may ask for additional information if the syllabus does not demonstrate sufficient historical methodology, themes and assignments, or if you are seeking more than five credits for a course.

For Majors

There is no substitute for studying history in-situ. The History department supports this endeavor and encourages its students to take their studies abroad. For the most productive experience, we strongly encourage History majors to set up an appointment with the History Undergraduate Advising Office in the early planning of a study abroad program. History majors interested in studying abroad should apply for our departmental scholarships, available every spring. Remember, not all history courses taken abroad may count toward the 30 credits of upper division in-residence history required for the major.

Upcoming Programs

Study Abroad News

Madison Heslop
April 18, 2019
Months of research, sifting through the documentary traces of the past. Not just learning the history of a different region, but immersing yourself in its culture. Spending the day in the archive, and only coming up for air for a coffee and quick bite of food. These are exciting rites of passage for Department of History graduate students working on their PhD theses. Our current cohort are excavating the stories of the past all over the world, in the archives of Moscow, Pakistan, Shanghai,... Read more
Image of UW Students Posing Together at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds.
November 20, 2017
For Early Fall Start 2017, I ventured to New Zealand with 15 students and 2 UW faculty to study the Māori, their sovereignty and environments, and how these are represented. After having time to reflect, I know how this trip has changed my mentality, values, and overall identity. Through various museum trips, cultural encounters, and group discussions, the class recognized the constant effort needed to decolonize government institutions, common... Read more
Jun Sung Lee in South Korea
May 30, 2017
Hello, my name is Jun Sung Lee and I’m a history major finishing my last quarter at UW as an exchange student to Seoul National University. I’ve been in Korea since February 2017 and it’s indeed been the “life-changing experience” so ubiquitously touted by returning study abroaders. There were several reasons for me coming to Korea: Language: It began with a response to my Korean skills at a screening for placement in the UW Korean courses, as one of the professors advised... Read more
Cody Hartwich in mountaintop fort in San Sebastian, Spain
December 14, 2016
Cody Hartwich: San Sebastian, Spain, Summer 2016 This past summer I spent almost two months in Spain as part of a Summer B-Term study abroad program. The program, Food and Culture in the Hispanic World, was focused on just that: food and culture. During the program, we studied where food came from and how it ended up the way it did, as well as contemporary Spanish history and culture.... Read more
Isabel Martin standing on top of Arthur's Seat at sunrise
September 26, 2016
Isabel Martin: Edinburgh, Scotland, Summer 2016 Almost one year ago now, I asked Professor Andrew Tsao when applications for the School of Drama’s summer study abroad expedition would be posted. As a freshman, I’d heard rumors about a magical trip undertaken by UW drama students to Edinburgh, Scotland, where the international festivals took place. There  these... Read more