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History Fellows Program

The History Fellows Program is a professionalization and internship program for undergraduate students interested in non-academic careers. In close collaboration with the University of Washington's Career & Internship Center, the program offers career workshops that teach how to write strong résumés, enhance interview skills, and build networks through personal meetings and social media. The program helps fellows find internships in local businesses and organizations, exposing students to the dynamics and demands of fields that interest them. Fellows will emerge more confident in themselves and more prepared for the challenges that await them in their career endeavors.

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The History Fellows program boosts the employability and marketability of history majors by enabling them to use the qualities and skills they have developed through studying history and apply these talents in professional settings. The History Fellows program and the Department of History are actively laying the groundwork for successful and fulfilling careers for all of their students.

Program Requirements

Now entering its fifth year, the program runs for three quarters, during fall, winter and spring. Students will register for HSTRY 495B (CR/NC) for two credits in autumn and winter, with credit optional in spring. During the course of the program, History Fellows will complete the following:

Fall Quarter

  • Participate in Department of History and Career & Internship Center seminars and workshops (topics include writing effective résumés and cover letters and strategies for successful interviewing).
  • Build dependable strengths and good experiences inventory.

Winter Quarter

  • Explore professional networking and job/internship opportunities.
  • Hear from alumni regarding career trajectories.
  • Conduct informational interviews.

Spring Quarter

  • Intern with a UW history alumnus, Seattle-based firm, or organization.
  • Write a short essay at the completion of the program, reflecting on professional growth, skills learned, networks developed, and critical experiences.

Applicant Criteria

  • Open to all History majors and class levels at the University of Washington, Seattle. Priority will be given to junior and senior students.
  • Applicants must be dedicated, motivated, creative, and culturally aware.

How to Apply

Applications consist of a short personal statement, unofficial UW transcript, and résumé or CV. The application for the 2018-2019 History Fellows Program is now available for current history majors on Google Forms. Please click here to access the application before the deadline of September 14, 2018. Please note that the application is only accessible via Google Forms using your UW NetID. If you find that you are denied access to the application form, it is likely because you have already logged into your browser using a different Google account. Please either log out of that account in your browser or open a private/incognito browsing window and then click the form link to access it.

For more information, contact History Undergraduate Advising.