History Graduate Office

Welcome to the History Graduate Office. Whether you are a prospective or a current student, please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding graduate study in History at the University of Washington.


Director of Graduate Studies, Christopher Tounsel

The Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) is a History faculty member appointed by the Chair to serve a three-year term. The DGS chairs the Graduate Studies Committee and the Graduate Admissions Committee; oversees funding and curriculum decisions; monitors graduate students' progress through the program; and communicates with students, faculty, and staff about happenings in the program. The DGS also is the faculty advisor for our departmental office of Graduate Advising. The DGS's role is to be a resource, a liaison, a mediator, and an advocate for graduate students. The Graduate Advisor and the student's MA and PhD Committees are responsible for content guidance on fields, course selection, dissertation, etc. The DGS can provide additional faculty support and work with you to build your own plan for achieving each milestone. DGS-related correspondence should be directed to histdgs@uw.edu.

Director of Academic Services - Tracy Maschman Morrissey

The Director of Academic Services (DAS) is responsible for all aspects associated with the planning and operation of History's undergraduate, graduate, and advising programs. This includes program management, curriculum planning and implementation, supervision of program staff, and advising undergraduate students. The Director collects, disseminates, and provides a variety of substantive and statistical information to the Chair and other units on campus, and makes recommendations for programmatic changes based on this information.

Graduate Program Assistant and Advisor - Lori Anthony

The Graduate Program Assistant and Advisor, Lori Anthony, is the person to consult about information about program procedures and requirements, from course registration to examinations to dissertations. She is there to be a resource and, as we can attest, can answer just about any question you might have about how the graduate program works in this Department and at the Graduate School level. Lori provides add codes for registration and can give you any copies you need of faculty feedback on your progress through the program (the 'pink sheets').