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Alumni News

Dr. Turkiya Lowe, NPS Chief Historian and Deputy Federal Preservation Officer
October 2, 2017
Turkiya Lowe (PhD in History, 2010) was named the National Park Service’s new Chief Historian and Deputy Federal Preservation Officer in January 2017. Lowe is the first woman and first African American to hold the position. She has close to two decades of experience working in the NPS, and most recently served as Southeast Region chief historian and chief for the Southeast Region’s Cultural Resources Research and Science Branch. In 2016, she also held the position of Acting... Read more
Kayla Schott-Bresler (History MA, 2013)
August 11, 2017
Ask a Seattle resident about the most pressing issue confronting the city and chances are the response will be a lack of affordable housing. Western Washington is growing fast, and the market for both rentals and home sales reflects this reality. Residents, workers, corporations, real estate companies, politicians, nonprofit organizations, environmental activists, and planners are all engaged in a debate over the future of the city and the region. And, so too, is a historian—Kayla Schott-... Read more
Portrait of UW History Alum Ben Green
August 4, 2017
In spring 2017, UW History alum Ben Green interned with the non-profit organization Skate Like a Girl in Seattle, WA. Read on for Ben's reflections on his time creating a digital archive of the organization's history and click the link above to find out more about the Skate Like a Girl programs! "The best part of this internship was actually learning more about the culture associated with skateboarding. Exposure to the skateboarding community has... Read more
UW History Alum Cynthia Meng speaks on the senate floor during her internship with the Washington State Legislature.
July 31, 2017
In winter 2017, UW History alum Cynthia Meng interned with the Washington State Legislative Internship Program in Olympia, WA. Read on for Cynthia's reflections on her time in the state legislature and click the link above to find out how current students can get more information about this internship program! "One thing I loved the most was doing research for bills and prepar[ing] my representatives for the bill... Read more
Twenty-nine undergraduate and four graduate students were recognized for their scholarship, teaching and service to the field at the Department of History Awards on May 10, 2017
June 13, 2017
The Department of History celebrated the recipients of almost $200,000 in departmental scholarships and prizes at its annual awards ceremony held on May 10, 2017. Twenty-nine undergraduate and four graduate students were recognized for their scholarship, teaching and service to the field. The event is one of the highlights of the departmental calendar and showcases both student achievement and the generous support of donors. Read more about the honorees below. The Pressly Prize for... Read more
Robin Lindley
February 21, 2017
Traditionally many undergraduate majors in history have chosen to go on to law school. The academic skills learned in studying history?research, logical argument, evidence-based analysis and persuasive communication?translate well to careers in law, politics and public administration. For UW alum and longtime lawyer Robin Lindley, however, history has always been more than a powerful intellectual toolkit?it has been a motivating passion at every stage in his life. Lindley was drawn to explore... Read more
Michael Kendrick
February 15, 2017
We recently caught up with department alum Michael Kendrick. Kendrick graduated from UW with a BA in history in 1996, and now teaches Social Studies at Meadowdale Middle School in Lynnwood. Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions Michael! At what point did you decide to become a teacher? From a very early age, I was inspired to become a teacher because of one of my greatest influences: my father. He was a middle school science teacher in the Shoreline school... Read more
Amanda Morse
February 6, 2017
So just what is the point in getting a history degree? Amanda Morse faced this question for herself in 2009. Following a lifelong interest in Latin and the classical era, Morse had entered UW in 2005 seeking a history degree, with an emphasis on ancient Greece and Rome. Now, four years later, she was only a few credits short of graduation, but found herself dismayed at the challenging prospect of building a career as a historian of antiquity. Wondering whether it had all been for nothing, Morse... Read more
Turkiya Lowe
February 6, 2017
UW History alumna Turkiya Lowe was recently named Chief Historian of the National Park Service. Lowe received her Ph.D. from the department in 2010, with particular focus on the fields of African American History, Twentieth-Century US History, and Women's History. Previously, she served in a variety of roles in the National Park Service, both during and after her graduate studies--most recently as Chief Historian of the service's Southeast Region, and before that in other positions in the... Read more
Anne Melton standing in front of propeller airplane
January 3, 2017
Anne Melton graduated from UW in 2006 with a BA in History and a minor in Public Health and Community Medicine. She returned to UW a few years later to earn her MA in Museology in 2012, and is currently the Membership Manager at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. We caught up with her to ask her a bit about her career path and the role History has played in her life.   What was it that initially sparked your interest in History? Was there a particular class or professor that really stood... Read more