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Husky Giving Day was held on April 4. It is the one day each year in which Huskies from around the world come together to support the programs, activities, and units they love the most at the University of Washington. In the Department of History, we are fortunate to have so many active and generous alumni and friends who consistently show their love of UW History through giving. Because of this generosity, we are happy to report that we set a record with $33,000… Read more
We recently caught up with UW History alumna Debbie Galuska (class of 1973). Debbie has been an ardent supporter of the department and history in general since her student days. She serves as the chair of the History Advisory Board and is an advocate for history education within the state.What brought you to the UW and why did you choose to study history? I entered the UW as a freshman in the fall of 1969 interested in languages and teaching.  My brother had received his PhD in… Read more
"My parents had always encouraged me to go to college but as an Autistic kid from the middle of nowhere, I thought I wouldn’t be able to succeed in higher education and was destined for a small-town life. It wasn’t until Mr. Sugitan, my 10th grade English teacher, pushed the class to consider college and took our class on a field trip to UW that I could see myself succeeding in a big university like UW. Thanks to his encouragement, I dedicated myself to going to a university, preferably UW." -… Read more
In the College of Arts & Sciences, we are proud to celebrate our first-generation community through a collection of stories! We honor our faculty and staff, and their many contributions to our university community and beyond. Continue reading on UW College of Arts & Sciences News 
Our history community is a busy one, and you wouldn’t be hard pressed to find one of us outside of campus doing what we do best: promoting and educating on history. From writing about current events, such as Christopher Tounsel’s recent piece on the ongoing violence in Sudan or Ross Coen’s interview in Time Magazine… Read more
The Department of History is thrilled to provide $213,000 in scholarships and prizes this year in recognition of the academic and service excellence of our students. In total, 61 undergraduate prizes were awarded to 33 students and 5 prizes were given to 4 graduate students. In addition, the department presented awards to a faculty member and an outstanding Washington high school history teacher. These awards would not be possible were it not for the generosity of our alumni and friends, and we… Read more
Writing a work of history is a journey full of twists and turns in which the final destination is often a surprise. This was a lesson UW history PhD (2017) and current UW Stroum Center for Jewish Studies Associate Director Sarah Zaides Rosen learned first-hand when writing her book Tevye’s Ottoman Daughter: Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews at the End of Empire. Sarah’s journey began in 2010 when she was admitted to the University’s history PhD program with the intention of writing a history of… Read more
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After Alice Ball died -- and just a year after her discovery of a treatment for leprosy -- another scientist took credit for her work. It would be more than half a century until her story resurfaced. Quintard Taylor, professor emeritus of history at the UW, is quoted. Featured on The New York Times