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History Endorsement Requirements

The following endorsements are required for the UW Masters in Teaching program application; requirements for certification programs at other schools may vary. These endorsements are for teaching certification only and will not appear on transcripts or diplomas. The specific History courses listed here represent courses commonly offered through our department which fulfill endorsement requirements; other combinations of courses could meet these requirements. Undergraduates interested in pursuing an endorsement should consult with an advisor in the History Undergraduate Advising office in order choose the best course of action for them.

Please note: Undergraduates at the University of Washington who entered prior to Autumn 2007 may use the "old" (pre-2008) guidelines instead of these. This policy is in recognition of work they may have already done according to old guidelines; no other candidates may use old endorsement guidelines.

Transcript Evaluation for Endorsement

To complete the History Endorsement Evaluation portion of the Masters in Teaching program application, students need to make an appointment with the History Undergraduate Advising Office. Students from other schools must provide us with transcripts from all colleges and universities (these can be unofficial transcripts). Please be prepared to provide descriptions of courses that may meet endorsement requirements.


World Civilizations

25 credits

A combination of courses to cover the development of at least two civilizations on two different continents. Student must follow one civilization from its earliest origins until the very late 20th century, and the other for at least 400 years.
e.g . HSTAM 111,112,113 (Europe) HSTAS 201, 202 (India) HSTAFM 360,361,263 (Middle East)
HSTLAC 185 (Latin America) HSTAS 211 (China) HSTAS 212 (Korea) HSTAS 241 (Japan)
HSTAFM 151,152 (Africa) HSTEU 301, 302, 303 (Modern Europe) HSTAS 451, 452, 453 (China)

NOTE: Courses in U.S. History may not count towards this requirement

United States History

20 credits

A combination of courses to cover the entirety of American history, including indigenous peoples; colonization; American Revolution; slavery; Civil War and Reconstruction; development of the West; emergence of the US as a world power; Cold War & international relations; US in the late 20th century.
e.g. HSTAA 101 or HSTAA 105 or HSTAA 301,302,303 or HSTAA 301,411,235 AND one or two of the following:HSTAA 235,338,370, 374

Note: Coursework must include 10 cr. Upper-Division; 5 cr. 20 th century U.S.

Washington State and Pacific Northwest History

5 credits

Coursework that covers the key themes and eras in regional history including Northwest Coastal and Plateau tribes through 1889; immigration and settlement; emergence of Washington state, contemporary history. This is in addition to the 20 cr. of U.S. History required.
e.g. HSTAA 432 ORHSTAA 433 ORHSTAA 417

Coursework in Historical Methodology and/or Research

5 credits

Junior seminar (HSTRY 388) or Senior seminar (HSTRY 494 or 498).

Upper Division History Coursework

25 credits

300- or 400- level courses, which can simultaneously fulfill the above requirements

If you have questions about the endorsement requirements or would like the History department to review your transcripts for the endorsement, please contact an adviser.