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Diversity Statement


The Department of History is committed to the foundational values that constitute the university and a just society, values such as religious freedom, the freedom to express one’s political ideas without being threatened with violence by those who disagree, and the freedom to be a member of the university community without having to fear harassment on account of one’s religious beliefs or other aspects of one’s identity. We stand against sexual, racial, and gender-based violence, and seek to educate our community about the deep historical roots of structural discrimination in the United States. We condemn the recent rise in anti-Black and anti-Asian hate crimes in our country and in our communities. We join in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate movements. We stand against the targeting of Muslims and the criminalization of undocumented peoples. We stand for the inclusion, protection, and overall well-being of all members of our community, especially those most vulnerable. Our faculty and staff are here to provide assistance and support.

Department of History Diversity Committee & Resources

The goal of the Department of History's Diversity Committee is to create an ongoing conversation about creating and maintaining an environment of inclusivity in all of our classrooms and making inclusion a central aspect of our wider departmental culture. Visit our Diversity Resources page for a list of committee members and other diversity-related resources. We also have an active page with a list of resources for students in times of need that includes information about financial, mental health, legal, and safety resources for students.