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Department of History, Doctoral Candidate Michael Aguirre
May 5, 2018
Department of History PhD candidate, Michael Aguirre recently sat down with UW Graduate School to discuss Cinco de Mayo and its' appropriation in US culture.  In this piece Aguirre discusses the historical roots of the day and the effects of cultural appropration on indigenous cultures.  Click here for the full interview. 
Library Books
April 17, 2018
Did you write a really great research paper this year? Were you involved in an awesome group project? Have you spent hours immersed in the library, your head in primary and secondary documents?   Then you should be applying for this award!
Professor Arbella Bet-Schlimon
April 6, 2018
Arbella Bet-Shlimon, professor of the history of the modern Middle East, first joined the University of Washington in 2013 after receiving her PhD from Harvard in 2012. She decided she wanted to be a historian while completing an interdisciplinary master’s degree in Middle Eastern studies. 
Husky 100 recipient Hannah Fumiko Takemori
April 6, 2018
Hannah Fumiko Takemori receives prestigious accolade
Award Winnning Faculty Quintard Taylor and Laurie Marhoefer
April 6, 2018
It’s already shaping up to be a golden year for our faculty 
Department of History PhD's Jessie Kindig and Shruti Patel
April 6, 2018
Using the PhD for great things. 
The History Honors students present their research.
April 6, 2018
Undergraduate Honors Program Students Present Work 
Department of History 2018 Lecture Series Logo
April 6, 2018
Because History Matters
Department of History Chair, Professor Anand Yang
April 6, 2018
Spring is the time we look back at all our faculty, staff, and students have accomplished in the previous six months and think about all we have to do to finish up the academic year and prepare for the new academic season.