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May 16, 2019
"There's a lot these companies should have reckoned with earlier," argues History professor Margaret O'Mara.
Charity Urbanski
May 9, 2019
Big congratulations are due to Professor of Medieval Europe, Charity Urbanski, who was just announced as the co-winner of the 2019 Honors Excellence in Teaching Award.
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May 7, 2019
Dr. Laurie Marhoefer gave a lecture at Oregon State University School of History, Philosophy, and Religion as a part of the George and Dorothy Carson History Lecture Series. Before the Nazis came to power, Germany was one of the global centers of trans activism and home to a thriving subculture of people with transgender identities. You could legally change your birth-assigned sex in some German cities even before 1900. The Nazis changed this.
Department of History Chair, Professor Anand Yang
April 29, 2019
Four years have flown by quickly. I have very much appreciated chairing the History Department and the unique vantage point that has afforded me to get to know my excellent colleagues—faculty and staff—and students a lot better.  I have also enjoyed working with our many community supporters, particularly our History Advisory Board headed by Debbie Galuska and composed of other prominent local leaders.  Our quarterly gatherings are always occasions to ce
April 24, 2019
Professor Margaret O'Mara discusses the value of studying the liberal arts, particularly history, in a tech-driven world vulnerable to boom and bust cycles. Read more on Crosscut ⇒
QuinNita Gonzaga
April 22, 2019
Click here for a great piece in Columns Magazine featuring recent Department of History PhD
Madison Heslop
April 18, 2019
Months of research, sifting through the documentary traces of the past. Not just learning the history of a different region, but immersing yourself in its culture. Spending the day in the archive, and only coming up for air for a coffee and quick bite of food. These are exciting rites of passage for Department of History graduate students working on their PhD theses.
portrait of woman
April 18, 2019
Here at Smith Hall we can’t quite believe that those beautiful cherry blossoms have come and gone, and that Spring Quarter is now in full swing. We’ve had a great year so far, full of exciting and engaging events showing, once again, that history matters. Learn more below.  Autumn Quarter SeptemberDepartment of History Autumn Reception
Summer Study
April 18, 2019
The Department of History is renowned for its teaching and learning. While employing more traditional methods, our professors and graduate students also love to explore innovative approaches to learning, which utilize nontraditional sources such as film and music. This summer promises to be no exception. Interested in learning more about everyday life in the modern Middle East through Turkish pop music?
Ancient Iran
April 18, 2019
In December, the Department of History and the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, hosted a major public history event: Ancient Iran Day: Another Side of the Ancient World. This unique occasion brought together Seattle’s Persian community and experts on the ancient world to offer a diverse audience the chance to explore the wonders and mysteries of one of our oldest civilizations.