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Technology Resources

Here you will find technological resources that are available from the UW Department of History.

Equipment for Checkout


HP Projector

  • We have five projectors that are available for checkout
    • All projectors have power and video cables included in the cases
    • Projector remotes are available upon request


Laptop Computers

  • We have 5 laptop computers available for checkout.
  • 5 PC Laptops.

Laptop PC

  • 2 Apple Macbook Air Laptops 

Laptop Mac

Please note that these computers get reimaged every couple months so DO NOT save any data you really need on them.


Mobile Devices

  • We have 2 iPads available for checkout

Please note that the iPads are WiFi only models. Additionally, any purchases for apps must be made with the User's Apple ID and the Department of History is not responsible for any purchases made on these devices.


Camera / Video


    • HistV1 - Sony MVC-CD1000
    • HistV2 Canon XH A1

Canon Video Camera

Camera (Photo)

  • HistC1 Nikon D300 (digital)
  • HistC2 Canon EOS ELAN 7 (film)

Please note that the Department of History does not provide any of the media to save data/photos for this equipment.


Multimedia etc.

  • Apple TV

Apple TV



The following links are for the Canvas Support for Instructors and Staff: