People - Full Directory

People - Full Directory
Name Title Email/Phone Office Hours
Aktas, Oya Rose Doctoral Candidate AUT 20 - HSTLAC 185: Mondays 10:30-12:30pm (PST), or by appointment.
Eagles, Lane Assistant Teaching Professor AHO 302
By appointment
McNally, Debbie Lecturer Part-Time
(206) 543-0729
SMI 104C
AUT 20: Please contact to set up a virtual appointment.
Nam, Hwasook Associate Professor Emeritus, Joint Appointment: Jackson School of International Studies
Taylor, Rachel Lanier Doctoral Candidate, History, Graduate Intern, Society for History in the Federal Government HSTAA 432: By e-mail Thursdays 10AM-12PM
Thomas, Lynn M. Professor, Giovanni and Amne Costigan Endowed Professor in History
(206) 543-4499
SMI 212B
By appointment; contact via email at

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

People - Adjuncts & Affiliates
Name Title Email/Phone
Levy, La TaSha Adjunct Assistant Professor
Yee, Shirley J. Adjunct Professor