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Research Assistants

Research Assistantships are sometimes awarded to incoming graduate students as part of the recruitment process, or are assigned to current graduate students by faculty mentors who have obtained research assistantships for their students through grant funding or by other means associated with their UW appointments. Additionally, the Department currently employs one graduate student as an RA tasked with creating content for our website and newsletter.

Research Assistants in the History Department hold half-time appointments (20 hours per week) which provide a monthly stipend, health insurance, a waiver of the operating fee portion of tuition (i.e., tuition minus student fees), and a waiver of the technology fee. Recipients are required to pay student fees of approximately $400 per quarter. All Research Assistants are considered Academic Student Employees and, as such, are represented by UW/UAW.

The Department's criteria for the appointment of its Research Assistants are based on the University of Washington's Executive Order 28 on graduate student appointments. Generally, the University requires that applicants demonstrate high achievement in their fields of graduate study and the potential for excellence in teaching, research, or other activities related to the appointment.

To fund as many graduate students as possible and to ensure that appointees proceed expeditiously toward the completion of their degrees, the Department of History normally does not allow Research Assistant Appointees to hold concurrently any other graduate student service appointments (TA/RA/SA) or comparable fellowships during the tenure of their awards.