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  • headshot
    PhD Student
  • Susan A. Glenn
    Professor, Samuel and Althea Stroum Chair in Jewish Studies
  • Liora Halperin--headshot
    Associate Professor , Joint Appointment: Jackson School of International Studies, Rebecca and Jack Benaroya Chair in Israel Studies
  • Portrait
    Assistant Professor, James B. Palais Professor of Korean History, Joint Appointment: Jackson School of International Studies
  • Lange headshot
    Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • headshot (photography credit to J. Bachman)
    Doctoral Candidate
  • McNally photo
    Lecturer Part-Time
  • Yichen Zhou History
    Graduate Student


  • Eric Johnson, "When endemic met epidemic: cholera, chronic disease and public health in Kazan, 1788–1842," Urban History (2020).  Learn more
  • The “Kidnapping” of Hildy McCoy: Child Adoption and Religious Conflict in the Shadow of the Holocaust Learn more
  • McKenna, Kevin. "Safer Sex: Gay Politics and the Remaking of Liberalism in Seattle, 1966-1995." PhD diss., University of Washington, 2017. Learn more
  • Tyler Lange, Excommunication for Debt in Late Medieval France: The Business of Salvation (New York and Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016) Learn more
  • Jonas, Raymond. Industry and Politics in Rural France: Peasants of the Isère, 1870-1914. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1994. Learn more
  • Brendan McElmeel, "Comrades in Love: Intimacy and Communist Morality in Soviet Institutions and Everyday Life, 1950s-1970s." PhD diss., University of Washington, (in progress). Learn more