Carol Thomas

Professor Emeritus

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Ph.D. Northwestern University, 1964

Greek history has been the center of my career since I began the study of ancient Greek and Latin in high school, then continued with Classics as a major in college, and added archaeology and art history in graduate study. The 1970s were exciting for new evidence to understand the Greek "Age of Heroes" long thought to be a mythical creation of later Greece. Tablets baked in the fires that destroyed the palaces of that "Age of Heroes" were being deciphered and, after completing my Ph.D., I had the honor of working with one of the decipherers, Dr. John Chadwick. That decipherment extended the history of Greece by several millennia, making it a contender for the world's most durable culture. Consequently, to explore that durability, my recent interests have stretched to the study, teaching and research of Greece from 7000 BCE to the present.


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