The Legacy of Ernst Badian

Thomas, Carol. The Legacy of Ernst Badian. La Jolla: Association of Ancient Historians, 2013. Print.

Ernst Badian was an extraordinary scholar and teacher of Ancient Greece, Macedon and Rome. He was dedicated to the instruction of young scholars and to scholarship of the highest level in his more than 550 publications. Believing that scholars and students in the field of ancient history might be somewhat isolated, he was instrumental in the creation of the Association of Ancient Historians that meets annually at a university in Canada or the United States. He remained a modest, even shy person. The University of Washington was fortunate in having Professor Badian as a member of our faculty for a short time and also returning for shorter visits as a special lecturer. “The Legacy of Ernst Badian” pays tribute to a friend and mentor of countless people.

Five essays focus on Ernst Badian's contributions to the study of ancient history, Greek and Roman.

  • Carol Thomas (editor), provides an introduction focusing on Badian’s role in the foundation and growth of the Association of Ancient Historians
  • T. Corey Brennan: “Ernst Badian’s Methodological Maxims” 
  • Stanley Burstein: “A Peltast among Hoplites: Ernst Badian and Athenian History” 
  • Eugene Borza: “Ernst Badian’s Alexander” 
  • Jerzy Linderski: “Ink and Blood: Ernst Badian, Rome and the Art of History"

The volume concludes with a bibliography of Ernst’s scholarship from 1952 to 2009.

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