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Online Teaching - Recording Lectures

Teaching Online, 101: A Guide for History Department Instructors 
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These are the basic instructions to record a lecture, at home or in your office, using UW's Panopto software. It will allow you to record your audio, powerpoint slides, and (optionally) video; package them all together; and upload them to Canvas for students to view.

  1. Start out with a laptop computer, that has a working mic and camera (any modern laptop should). Make sure the camera has not been deactivated, taped over, etc.

  2. Log into your course in Canvas, and on the left-side menu, click Panopto Recordings

  3. At the top of the page, in the middle, you should see a button that says Create. Click that, and then when the menu opens, click Record a New Session

  4. The first time, you will need to install the Panopto software. Click "Download Panopto." (Subsequently you can simply do Open Panopto)

    After starting the download, you will then need to go through the normal steps to install an app. This may include running the downloaded package, authorizing the new software to be installed, etc. When it prompts you for information, you can just accept all the default settings.

  5. This should bring up the Panopto window. You may need to sign in with your NetID. You may also need to approve various security prompts to allow Panopto to run, allow it video or audio access, etc.

  6. The first time, Panopto will give you a brief tour. You can do that, or skip it, as you prefer. The main controls are in the left-side panel.

    • If you don't want to record the picture of yourself, you can change it to Video: None
    • In most cases you will not want to record "Main Screen"--uncheck that box if necessary (usually does not appear as an option on Mac)
    • Prepare your Powerpoint: switch away (Alt-tab on Windows, Command-tab on Mac) and start your Powerpoint presentation if you haven't already. Then switch back. It should appear in the right-hand side.
    • In general, if things look good here, then you are good to go. 

    (Note: on Mac you may see the Panopto window showing over the top of your Powerpoint in the righthand pane. That is not a problem. As soon as you switch to Powerpoint and start giving your lecture, Panopto will start recording the Powerpoint slides correctly).

  7. When it all does look good, click the red-circle Record button. Then you can switch back to your Powerpoint and start giving your lecture.

  8. When the lecture is over, switch back to the Panopto window, click Stop. Panopto will pop up a "recording complete" window, and you can click Done. This will start the process of uploading to Canvas

  9. Once everything has processed (which may take a little while), you can go back to Canvas, and reopen the Panopto Recordings page. You should see your recording appear.

    • If you hover over the recording, you will see a Share button. If you click this, you can see who has access, and confirm that the "viewers" (i.e. students) in your course can see it.
    • You can also click on the recording it to bring it up in a separate window. From there you can play it, and confirm that it looks all right.

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