Online Teaching - Adding Video to Lectures

Teaching Online, 101: A Guide for History Department Instructors 
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Before adding a video or audio clip to your lecture, consider whether combining them is necessary. It is likely much easier to break up your lecture into smaller segments, one before and one after the clip, and then provide the clip to students via some other mechanism (media file uploaded to Canvas, YouTube link, etc.).  

If you absolutely must insert your clip into the lecture, then you will need to play it manually at the appropriate point in your presentation, as follows:

  1. Do not embed your clip in Powerpoint. Instead, when you are preparing to record your lecture, set up your clip, ready to play, in a maximized window (for example, a browser window pointed to a YouTube you wish to play, or a media player loaded with a clip stored locally).

  2. In Panopto, as you prepare to record your lecture, make sure Capture Computer Audio is checked, and (Windows only) that Capture Main Screen is also checked.

  3. Record your lecture normally. When you get the desired spot in the lecture, switch over to your media clip (using Alt-tab on Windows or Command-tab on Mac), play your clip, then switch back to Powerpoint and continue your slides.
  4. Panopto will follow you as you switch apps, thus capturing the video and audio accordingly.