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Department of History, Doctoral Candidate Michael Aguirre
March 6, 2018
Big Congratulations to Michael D. Aguirre, who was just awarded a prestigious fellowship from the Center for Engaged Scholarship, to continue work on his dissertation.   The fellowship is designed to support graduate student research into topics that promote a more ‘democratic, more egalitarian, and more environmentally sustainable society.”
Serafin and Kum Cha at the Annual Awards of Excellence ceremony
March 3, 2018
Serafin Divina and Kum Cha (Tina) Vicente, outstanding custodians
Quintard Taylor
February 23, 2018
Massive congratulations to Professor Emeritus Quintard Taylor who was just awarded a lifetime achievement award from the Washington State Historical Society. Professor Taylor has been an important figure in the department for many years and receives this award after more than four decades of teaching and research.
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February 22, 2018
Department of History Professor, Margaret O'Mara weighs in on a changing Seattle. Featured on The Seattle Times 
W at the entrance of campus
February 20, 2018
**** Unfortunately this event has been cancelled**** We all know the famous dictum: ‘Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.’
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February 16, 2018
The Department of History prides itself on being a center that some of the brightest historians of the future choose to call home, and it is always such great news when they are recognized for their abilities. Recently, two of our graduate students were awarded prestigious fellowships for their research.
HLS 2018
February 8, 2018
“Where do you sit in supporting efforts to speak truth to power?” Professor Josh Reid brought the 2018 History Lecture Series to a close with a stirring question,  and closed out the event which saw respected and award winning faculty from the Department of History take to the stage over four weeks in Kane Hall.
Professor Reid
February 1, 2018
Last night Professor Joshua Reid brought the 2018 History Lecture Series, Speaking Truth To Power: Protest and Dissent in Modern History, to a close with a talk on Indigenous Activism in the Era of Standing Rock.
Lecture Series 3
January 25, 2018
Last night award winning Professor of The Modern Middle East, Arbella Bet-Schlimon, took the stage in Kane Hall to discuss the history of Middle Eastern protest and dissent in the context of the Arab Spring.   She asked, how did this moment in 2011, which promised to herald a new era of democracy and liberty, end with the rise of authoritarian regimes such as Isis? And how might future movements be more successful?  
Lauri M
January 18, 2018
Last night 2018's History Lecture Series continued with a stirring talk from Professor Laurie Marhoefer on 'Popular Protest in Nazi Germany: Re-thinking the Power of Public Opinion in a Police State' - a topic which touched on some of the challenges faced by today’s activists in the face right wing extremism. See the video here!