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Prominent women in tech say they don't want to join OpenAI's all-male board
2024 History Lecture Series
Announcing the 2024 History Lecture Series
Debbie Galuska
Alumni Spotlight: Debbie Galuska
John Findlay
From Side Job to Career: How One Professor Found His Passion
Opinion: Social media and mental health –– seeing through the fog in the midst of conflict
UW Quad with Autumn Leaves
Faculty News Bits
There will be another Sam Bankman-Fried
Tacoma police trial in Manuel Ellis' death holds echoes of 1938 killing
Sam Altman warns AI could kill us all — but he still wants the world to use it
Drawing of revenants from medieval manuscript
Revenants, Werewolves and Dragons: A Lesson from History   
Picture of Andrea Woody
I am First-Generation: Andrea Woody
Understanding the Hamas-Israel war through history and human rights
Sariah Burdett
I am First Generation: Sariah Burdett
Portraits of first generation students UW faculty and staff
We are First-Generation: College of Arts & Sciences Faculty and Staff
Why Silicon Valley falls for frauds
Dawg Daze logo on a purple background
Dawg Daze Digest: Planetarium Shows, Art Tours, Trivia, Information Sessions and more!
Opinion: Filipinos exhibited at 1904 World's Fair docked in Tacoma
conference attendees sit around a long table in discussion
Rethinking the Conference: Jews Amidst the Embers  
How 'Oppenheimer' connects back to Washington state
Redlining continues to reverberate in Seattle nearly a century later in pedestrian deaths
Affirmative Action
A Reading List on the History of Affirmative Action
Four Dean's Medalists, Working Toward Change
History department Faculty and Students Win Numerous Simpson Center Awards 
Analysis: Historians are learning more about how the Nazis targeted trans people
An ariel view of the University of Washington Quad during cherry blossom time looking out towards the downtown Seattle
The Wide World of History: Updates from the History Community