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Labor Banner Preserving Past Voices. December 14, 2017
HLS 2018 History Lecture Series 2018. Speaking Truth to Power: Protest and Dissent in Modern History. December 7, 2017
Image of UW Students Posing Together at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. Racquel West: Aotearoa/New Zealand, Early Fall Start 2017 November 20, 2017
Department of History student, Rae Utterback Transferring to Success in the Department of History  November 13, 2017
History Notebook Upcoming Alumni Career Panel Encourages Huskies to Make History!  November 8, 2017
Robert J.C Butow. In Memoriam: Robert J. C. Butow (1924-2017) November 3, 2017
Newton surrounded by his discoveries. Course Spotlight: HSTCMP 313 Science in Civilization: Physics and Astrophysics Since 1850 October 16, 2017
Google to give #1 billion to nonprofits and help Americans get jobs in the new economy October 16, 2017
'Why Race Matters' flyer Event Spotlight: Continuing the Conversation “Why Race Matters: Resistance and Resilience” in 2017 America October 10, 2017
Dr. Turkiya Lowe, NPS Chief Historian and Deputy Federal Preservation Officer Meet Dr. Turkiya Lowe (PhD, 2010), the National Park Service's Chief Historian and Deputy Federal Preservation Officer October 2, 2017
Image of Haitian Vodou Flag depicting 2010 earthquake. As We Begin Our Autumn Quarter September 26, 2017
Neo-Nazis 'provoke violence, get a media platform' September 25, 2017
Professor Emeritus Quintard Taylor Awarded Robert Gray Medal by WA State Historical Society September 14, 2017
A race to the bottom? Amazon stirs debate by soliciting tax credits for second headquarters September 12, 2017
Professor Emeritus Quintard Taylor Professor Emeritus Quintard Taylor Awarded Robert Gray Medal by Washington State Historical Society September 1, 2017
200 years later, Centralia celebrates its very own George Washington August 15, 2017
Worried about a nuke dropping on Seattle? Old news — we spent the Cold War years preparing August 15, 2017
Alt-right finds a new hero: ex-Googler James Damore August 15, 2017
Kayla Schott-Bresler (History MA, 2013) History Alumna Tackles the Challenge of Affordable Housing  August 11, 2017
Portrait of UW History Alum Ben Green Undergraduate Internship Spotlight: Ben Green, Skate Like a Girl, Spring 2017 August 4, 2017
UW History Alum Cynthia Meng speaks on the senate floor during her internship with the Washington State Legislature. Undergraduate Internship Spotlight: Cynthia Meng, Washington State Legislative Internship Program, Winter 2017 July 31, 2017
Department of History Welcomes New Director of Technical Services July 31, 2017
The Pulitzer prize-winning historian Heather Ann Thompson is speaking with Julie Green, Chelsea Nelson, and Kelly Lytle Hernandez about mass Incarceration and the working class during the opening plenary session. Credit: Herman Gilman. Labor and Working-Class History Association Holds Conference at the UW July 28, 2017
Run-up to revolution: Early American history seen through the stage in Odai Johnson’s book ‘London in a Box’ July 28, 2017
Military's transgender challenges are reminder of race, gender struggles July 28, 2017