Global, Comparative, and Transnational Histories

Students interested in the division of "Global, Comparative and Transnational Histories" may approach their training from a variety of methods.

Graduate students interested in exploring comparative historical approaches have the option of mastering literature in one of five sub-fields. Each of these fields allows graduate students to situate their own focused research in broadly conceived historiographies.

Students who select  “Global and Transnational Histories” as their primary field or secondary field will normally be supervised by a co-chaired committee consisting of the two History graduate faculty supervising the first and second fields.  (Adjunct faculty do not Chair or co-Chair History MA or PhD committees.) This is to ensure that the chronological, thematic, and geographical definitions of both fields remain reasonable, keeping in mind what can be accomplished within the timeframes for both the MA and PhD degrees. Applicants selecting this field as their primary field are encouraged to contact potential co-chairs early in the application process. Students already enrolled when selecting this field as either their third or fourth field for the PhD should consult the individual field adviser to design the chronological and thematic foci of the field.