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Nuclear Isobar Separation for Penning Trap Mass Measurements at TRIUMF

Devin Short, "Nuclear Isobar Separation for Penning Trap Mass Measurements at TRIUMF," (M.Sc. thesis, Simon Fraser University, 2019).

Before entering the history department at the University of Washington, I did graduate work in nuclear science at Simon Fraser University. In my master's project, I helped build and commission a high-resolution mass spectrometer and separator for the TITAN group at TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for nuclear and particle physics. The TITAN group specializes in nuclear mass measurements, which are critical experiments for studies in astrophysics, nuclear structure, and fundamental interactions. The thesis is completed but publication has been delayed to 2019 so that collaborators may complete related publications first.

Advisers: Corina Andreoiu, Jens Dilling

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