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Davis, Bradley Camp. States Of Banditry:The Nguyen Government, Bandit Rule, And The Culture Of Power In The Post-Taipin. Diss. University of Washington, 2008. Chair: Christoph Giebel. Graduate, Dissertations Southeast Asia
Hagen, Katrina. Internationalism in Cold War Germany. Diss. University of Washington, 2008. Chair: Uta Poiger. Graduate, Dissertations Germany, International Studies
Johnson, Lizabeth. Kinship and Violence in Wales, 800-1415. Diss. University of Washington, 2008. Chair: Robin Chapman Stacey. Graduate, Dissertations Violence and Trauma
Meyer, Mahlon. Imagined families: Mainlander Identity and Memory on Taiwan During the KMT-DPP Transition. Diss. University of Washington, 2008. Chair: R. Kent Guy. Graduate, Dissertations East Asia
Brendan McElmeel, "Comrades in Love: Intimacy and Communist Morality in Soviet Institutions and Everyday Life, 1950s-1970s." PhD diss., University of Washington, (in progress). Graduate, Dissertations 20th Century, Comparative Gender, Ideology, Law, Russia, Sexuality, Social History, Socialism and Post-Socialism
Elezovic, Arna. Modern Antiquities: Arthur Evans, the Balkans, and the Discovery of a ‘Lost’ European Civilization. University of Washington: completion date anticipated June 2021. Graduate, Dissertations 19th Century, 20th Century, Antiquity, Eastern Europe, Gender, Modern Europe, Western Europe
Inherited Destinies, phantom limbs: Empire, settler colonialism, and trauma in the Philippines and Peru, 1920-1928. Seattle. In progress.  Graduate, Dissertations Comparative Colonialisms, Latin America, Nationalism, Philippine and Filipino American, Southeast Asia
Arthit Jiamrattanyoo. "Empires of Amity: Affective Politics and Poetics of Friendship through the Colonial Philippines." Dissertation, Universty of Washington, ongoing. Graduate, Dissertations 19th Century, 20th Century, Comparative Colonialisms, Empire and Colonialism, Intellectual History, Literature, Southeast Asia
Mahoney, Eleanor. Beyond Wilderness: Parks, People, and Politics in the Age of Environmentalism. Diss. University of Washington, in progress. Chairs: James Gregory and Linda Nash. Graduate, Dissertations 20th Century, Economics, Environmental History, U.S. Environmental, United States