Going Dutch: The Dutch Presence in America 1609-2009

Schmidt, Benjamin. Going Dutch: The Dutch Presence in America 1609-2009. Leiden ; Boston: Brill, 2008. Print.

This volume investigates the place of Dutch history and Dutch-derived culture in America over the last four centuries. It considers how the Dutch have fared in America, and it explores how American conceptions of Dutchness have developed, from Henry Hudson's historic voyage to Manhattan in 1609 through the rise of Dutch design at the turn of the twenty-first century. Essays probe a rich array of topics: Dutch themes in American arts and letters; the place of Dutch paintings in American collections; shifting American interests in Dutch art, literature, and architecture; the experience of Dutch immigrants in America; and the Dutch Reformed Church in America. Going Dutch presents a much needed overview of the Dutch-American experience from its beginnings to the present.

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