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UW History Alum Cynthia Meng speaks on the senate floor during her internship with the Washington State Legislature. Undergraduate Internship Spotlight: Cynthia Meng, Washington State Legislative Internship Program, Winter 2017 July 31, 2017
Department of History Welcomes New Director of Technical Services July 31, 2017
The Pulitzer prize-winning historian Heather Ann Thompson is speaking with Julie Green, Chelsea Nelson, and Kelly Lytle Hernandez about mass Incarceration and the working class during the opening plenary session. Credit: Herman Gilman. Labor and Working-Class History Association Holds Conference at the UW July 28, 2017
Run-up to revolution: Early American history seen through the stage in Odai Johnson’s book ‘London in a Box’ July 28, 2017
Military's transgender challenges are reminder of race, gender struggles July 28, 2017
From gay Nazi to "we're here, we're queer": A century of arguing about gay pride June 27, 2017
Twenty-nine undergraduate and four graduate students were recognized for their scholarship, teaching and service to the field at the Department of History Awards on May 10, 2017 Department of History Celebrates Student Achievements at Annual Awards Ceremony June 13, 2017
 PhD Candidate Arna Elezovic Antiquity, Empires, Artifacts, and Archaeologists Come Together in a New Summer Course June 12, 2017
Images from “Why Race Matters: U.S. Politics in the 2016 Elections.” Race and Racial Justice in the Context of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election  June 8, 2017
History Major Awarded Bonderman Travel Fellowship June 8, 2017
'Scales of Struggle' June 8, 2017
Undergraduate student Kathe Tallmadge presents her research on Ancient Rome Transfer Students Find Home in Department of History June 7, 2017
The Woman Who Had Two Navels and Tales of the Tropical Gothic by Nick Joaquin New Book with Introduction by Professor Vicente Rafael Collects Significant Works by Anglophone Filipino Writer Nick Joaquin June 7, 2017
New Endowment for Graduate Research in Labor Studies June 7, 2017
Doctoral student Jessica Bachman standing in front of the exhibit she curated, Bollywood and Bolsheviks Bollywood and Bolsheviks Exhibit Opens at Allen Library June 7, 2017
C-SPAN preview shot for lecture by Professor Margaret O'Mara Class Taught by Professor Margaret O'Mara Featured on C-SPAN June 6, 2017
Mr. and Mrs. Shih with Vincent Y.C. Shih Professor of China Studies Madeleine Yue Dong and Professor Resat Kasaba, Director JSIS Professor Madeleine Yue Dong Awarded Vincent Y.C. Shih Endowed Professorship in China Studies June 6, 2017
Distinguished Teacher Awards 2017 Of the highest grade June 5, 2017
Mark Zuckerberg has a Harvard degree and a mission: create a sense of purpose May 31, 2017
Jun Sung Lee in South Korea Jun-Sung Lee: Seoul, South Korea, Winter/Spring 2017 May 30, 2017
Labor Archives: Everett Massacre May 23, 2017
'My Family's Slave'– can Alex Tizon be forgiven for his sins? May 19, 2017
The forgotten origins of the modern gay rights movement in WWI May 15, 2017
The epic and bizarre first 110 days of the Trump presidency May 12, 2017
Faculty and graduate students accepting awards and fellowships Faculty and Graduate Student Awards, Fellowships and Publications May 4, 2017