Graduate Student Organizations

The Graduate Liaison Committee (GLC) facilitates communication and the flow of information between the Department's graduate students and its faculty. In addition, the GLC is a social body that works to foster a graduate community and to increase knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of the historian in the academic and broader community.

The GLC consists of representatives elected annually with at least one MA or PhD student, one PhD candidate, and one student employee serving on the committee. Elections are held in Spring quarter.

The 2023-24 GLC representatives are Ragya Kaul, Sally (Sachra) Sergeleng, Sierra Mondragon, and Hannah Scherr.

Graduate students also serve on many other departmental committees and working groups.

The Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS), established in 1967, is an advocacy organization for graduate and professional students at the University of Washington. In addition to advocating graduate student concerns, GPSS provides a variety of services to graduate and professional students.

The University of Washington is home to the Delta Iota chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national honor society. Membership is open to graduate students as well as undergraduates. All graduate students are automatically eligible for membership; students admitted to Phi Alpha Theta through chapters at other schools may transfer their membership without expense.