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Graduate Student Forms

Please click here or contact the graduate advising office to request the following forms.



Forms related to Graduate Study

  • Independent Study (HISTRY 600) form (For use in defining the parameters of independent study projects with history faculty; required in order to obtain an entry code for HIST 600)
  • Dissertation Credits (HISTRY 800) form (For use in specifiying the work to becompleted on the dissertation in a given quarter; required in order to obtain an entry code for HIST 800)
  • Request for Foreign Language Exam
  • Request to Establish MA Supervisory Committee
  • Request to Establish Doctoral Supervisory Committee

Departmental, College, and Graduate School Funding

  • Power and York-Mason Paper Prizes
  • Graduate Funding Information Services (Check out the powerful funding source databases, or schedule an appointment with a funding advisor)
  • History Graduate Web Assistant's Blog (Check here regularly for announcements about outside fellowship opportunities, as well as conferences, etc.)

Fiscal Forms

  • Reimbursement Request (Required for all reimbursement requests except for travel)
  • Travel Reimbursement Request (Required for all travel reimbursement requests)
  • Travel Reimbursement Reference (Refer to this guide before traveling and submitting receipts)
  • Perjury Statement (Required when requesting reimbursement without an acceptable receipt)
  • Banking Form

Website Forms

  • Information Release for Electronic Graduate Student Directory (Required for inclusion in the online directory of graduate students; must be renewed each academic year)

Safety Presentation

  • View the Department's Safety Presentation
  • Statement of Certification for Department Safety Presentation

Professional Resources

  • Guidelines for Conference Papers and Panels
  • Center for Teaching and Learning  (for a wealth of resources on teaching from preparing for your first day as a TA, to planning your own lecture course)
  • Writing a Teaching Statement (from the Center for Instructional Development and Research)
  • Guidelines for Teaching Portfolios (an extensive guide, including sample documents)