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HSTCMP 205 B: Filipino Histories

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JSIS A 205 B
Professor Vicente Rafael
Vicente L. Rafael

Syllabus Description:

Course Introduction

This course seeks to introduce students to the histories, cultures and politics of Filipinos and the Philippines. We will examine such topics as pre-colonial societies, the imposition and transformation of Spanish colonial rule, the rise of nationalism, the Revolution and the First Republic, the Filipino-American war, the period of U.S. colonial rule, the Japanese occupation, the postcolonial period leading up to Martial Law, the recurrence of peasant, communist and Muslim rebellions, the beginnings of the Filipino diaspora, the surge of popularly backed coups in People Power I and II, and  the restoration of elite rule. It will also look at contemporary problems that arise from this long history amid changing conditions of neo-colonialism and postcolonial globalization.

Students will be expected to view all the video lectures, complete the readings, participate in topic discussions and write a four-page paper for the final exam. By the end of the course, the hope is that you will be able to understand the history of the Philippines. Such an understanding will supply you with the basic skills to analyze carefully and write persuasively about contemporary developments in that country as well as in other parts of Asia. For those who trace their roots to the Philippines, you’ll come to a critical appreciation of a part of your own, and your parents’ complex histories, as part of a much larger imperial and immigrant history.

HSTCMP 205 / JSIS A 205 Course Schedule—Winter 2021

The lesson weeks run from Mon to Sun; Papers are due by 11:59 pm on the day listed. 

Lesson 1, 1/04–1/11

Lesson 1 - Pre-colonial Philippine Society

Discussion 01: Pre-colonial Native Societies,

due 1 /11


Lesson 2, 1/11–1/18

Lesson 2 - Spanish Colonial Period, 1560-1860s

Discussion 02: Colonization: Convert or Conquest,

due 1/18


Lesson 3, 1/18–1/25 Lesson 03: Era of Transformation & Rise of Nationalism 1860s - 1890s

Discussion 03: Societal Transformation,

due 1/25


Lesson 4, 1/25–2/01 Lesson 04: The Revolution and the Republic 1896 - 1898

Discussion 04: Revolution or Bust,

due 2/01


Lesson 5, 2/01–2/08 Lesson 05: The Filipino-American War 1899 - 1902

Discussion 05: War Divides,

due 2/08


Lesson 6, 2/08–2/15 Lesson 06: US Colonial Period 1902 - 1941

Discussion 06: Racial Colonialism

due 2/15


Lesson 7, 2/15–2/22 Lesson 07: Japanese Invasion and Occupation 1941 - 1945

Discussion 07: Japanese Occupation,

due 2/22


Lesson 8, 2/22–3/01 Lesson 08: The Post-War Republic 1946 - 1972

No assignment due. Review Instructions for Final Exams


Lesson 9, 3/01–3/08 Lesson 09: Marcos, Martial Law, and People Power 1972 - 1986

No assignment due. Continue to work on Final Exam Paper.


Lesson 10, 3/08–3/12 Lesson 10: Beyond People Power: Current Issues 1986 - present

Final Exam Paper, due Monday, 3/15


Catalog Description: 
Introduction to histories, cultures and politics of Filipinos and the Philippines. Examines pre-colonial societies, Spanish colonial rule, nationalism and Revolution, Filipino-American war, U.S colonial rule, Japanese occupation, postcolonial period to Martial Law, continuing rebellions, and the Filipino diaspora. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 205.
GE Requirements: 
Diversity (DIV)
Individuals and Societies (I&S)
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