HSTAA 213 A: History of the American Presidency

Winter 2021
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Welcome to HSTAA 213: History of the American Presidency!
White House

This is a class on the history of the American presidency and the men who have occupied the office since 1789. We explore the office's origins and evolution, significant presidents and their times, and how historical sources and methods can contextualize America’s political present.

This is a 5-credit online class a mix of synchronous and asynchronous class work. We will meet every week for a synchronous discussion/work session on Wednesday from 2:30-3:30 PT. This will be immediately followed by 30-40 minutes of open office hours where students can choose to stay online to continue discussion with the professor.

On some but not all weeks, you will have small-group work meetings on Monday from 2:30-3:30 PT. Recognizing that remote learners may have geographic and other life constraints, synchronous sessions are optional, although strongly encouraged.

Plan to spend 3.5-5 hours per week in "class" (synchronous sessions and watching lectures and other media on your own time) and another 5 hours per week reading, writing, posting, etc.

This course is happening in extraordinary times. I may revise or substitute readings, assignments, content as news cycles demand and student interest allows. Overall workload will remain the same.

Auditors are welcome, but synchronous sessions and online discussions are for registered undergraduate students only.

Please visit the syllabus page to learn more about course content, goals, structure, and assignments.

Please visit Professor O'Mara's homepage to learn more about her work and teaching.

Check back closer to Winter Quarter to learn more about weekly schedule, readings (all online, no book purchases required), and more.

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Examines the American presidency and those who have occupied it, from George Washington to the current president.
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Social Sciences (SSc)
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