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Robert Stacey

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Robert Stacey

Contact Information

(206) 221-3491
CMU 071
Office Hours: 
By appointment only. Email


Ph.D. Yale University, 1983

Research interests include medieval English history, 11th-14th centuries; Jewish history, particularly in England; political, constitutional, and economic history.


Graduate Study Areas

Division: Europe--Medieval to Modern Times

Professor Stacey is a specialist in High and Late Medieval history. He is currently serving as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, and thus is not available to supervise graduate study. Consequently, the History Department is not currently accepting applications with primary/first fields in Medieval History.

Applicants interested in preparing a second, third, or fourth field in Medieval history should contact Professor Robin Stacey to discuss the field before submitting an application to our program.