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Nancy Bristow: Pandemic Then (and Now): COVID-19 through the Lens of the 1918 Influenza Crisis (2020)

Stephanie M.H. Camp Lecture with Sharla Fett: Recaptive African Women and the Body Politics of Survival in the Era of the ‘Last Slave Ships’ (2020)

50th Anniversary of Earth Day, Jennifer Thomson: Gaia Has A Fever (2020)

2012 History Lecture Series, Margaret O'Mara: Pivotal Tuesdays

  • 1912: Bull Moosers, Socialists, and the Election that Changed America
  • 1932: Hoover, FDR, and the New Deal Campaign
  • 1968: The Fracturing of America
  • 1992: New Economy, New Media, and the New World Order

Quintard Taylor: African American West, 1528-2000

  • Part 1: Antebellum Slavery and Freedom, 1528-1865, Race and Liberty
  • Part 2: To the Frontier, 1866-1900, Homesteaders, Cowboys and Buffalo
  • Part 3: The Urban Frontier, 1875-1940, African Americans in Cities
  • Part 4: World War II Era, 1941-1950, Migration and Transformation
  • Part 5: Into the 21st Century, 1951-2000, The Black West in the Modern Era

2012 Alumni Lecture Series, George Behlmer: Interview

2011 Alumni Lecture Series, Bob Stacey: Interview

2010 Alumni Lecture Series, Carol Thomas: Interview

Jon Bridgman

  • Understanding History

Margaret O'Mara

  • Media Space: Episode 3

  • With Partnerships: Closing Remarks

  • Now Urbanism Sawyer Seminar

  • film+music+interaction

  • Geek Wire: Margaret O'Mara and the Impact of the Tech Industry (Radio)

Quintard Taylor

John Toews:

  • Thinking Historically about Thinking Historically: Identity Politics to Ethical Action:

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