History undergrads won UW Library Research Award

Submitted by Xiaoshun Zeng on

We're excited to share that eight undergraduate students from the History Department have received the 2022 Library Research Award. Below is a list of the History awardees. Congratulations!

The University Libraries recognizes the excellence and creativity of students through the annual Library Research Award for Undergraduates. The award is given to undergraduates who demonstrate outstanding ability to identify, locate, select, evaluate, and synthesize library and other information resources and to use them in the creation of an original course project. The award illustrates the mission of the University Libraries to enrich the quality of life and advance intellectual discovery by connecting people with knowledge and commitment to the educational mission of the University of Washington.

Lower Division Category

Honorable Mention

Maia Serenity Sullivan, "Race and Slavery across the Americas" (Advisor:  Stephanie Smallwood)

Upper Division, Non-Thesis Category

Honorable Mention

Melinda Whalen, "Lena and Iura: Two Adolescent Diarists’ Conceptualizations of Gender and Age During the Siege of Leningrad (1941-1944)" (Advisor: Glennys Young)

Upper Division, Thesis Category

Grand Prize

Ryan Mealiffe, "Socioecology of English Witch Trials: How Enclosure and Ancient Landscape Shaped Familiar Beliefs in Early Modern England"  (Advisor: Charity Urbanski)

Estey Chen, "Cracks in the Bandung Spirit: The 1962 Sino-Indian War and Decline of Third World Solidarity" (Advisor: Anand Yang)

Hope Morris, "From Women's Rights to Women's Liberation: An Overview of the Second-Wave Feminist Movement in Washington State, 1963-1977" (Advisor: James Gregory)

Honorable Mention

Claudia Modarelli, "Building the New Binary: Relationships of Transmasculine and Butch Lesbian Identity in the US, 1970-1990" (Advisor: Laurie Marhoefe)

Wendi Zhou, “Translating Guilt to Commitment”: Racial and Queer Intersections in Afro-German Berlin, 1981-1992" (Advisor: Laurie Marhoefer)

Simon Ferry, "The Link to a Stable French Past: The Suez Crisis and the Scramble to Save the French Empire" (Advisor: Kyle Haddad-Fonda)