History classes among "Cool Courses for Winter 2021"

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Two history courses are selected for “Cool Courses for Winter 2021,” a feature story run by the UW College of Arts & Sciences. Check out these cool history courses for Winter 2021!


HSTLAC 280: Drug Wars in Latin America

How have regional and global politics and economics led some mood-altering substances to be legal while others have been criminalized throughout history? Learn how drug production and arrests in Latin America are related to race, class, and gender.

Professor Ileana Rodriguez-Silva

5 credits. DIV, I&S.


HSTAA 317: History of the Digital Age

Learn about the rise of the computer and its relationship to American political, economic, and social systems from the 1940s to today, providing a historical perspective for current debates on digital technology.

Professor Margaret O’Mara

5 credits. I&S.