History Hosts Panel on Executive Power and Deploying Federal Officers

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Department of History Chair, Glennys Young, moderated a panel on August 20, 2020 titled, "Can It Happen Here?: Law and (Dis)Order, Executive Power, and Deploying Federal Officers." The panel included Laurie Marhoefer, Associate Professor of History, Margaret O'Mara, Howard and Frances Keller Endowed Professor of History, and Lisa Manheim, Charles I. Stone Associate Professor of Law. The fourth panelist, Professor of Political Science Christopher Parker, was unable to attend due to a last minute conflict, but his work was referenced by the panelists and is integral to the concepts discussed. The conversation centered on the recent deployment of federal officers to the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests in cities around the U.S. The panel sheds light on the legal boundaries of executive power and puts current events in a comparative historical perspective.

The recording is available on YouTube:

The panelists have compiled a list of recommended reading on these topics:

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