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Smith Hall Staff Recognized for Excellence

Submitted by Emma R Hinchliffe on March 3, 2018 - 7:38pm
Serafin and Kum Cha at the Annual Awards of Excellence ceremony
Serafin Divina and Kum Cha (Tina) Vicente at the Distinguished Staff Awards Reception

Serafin Divina and Kum Cha (Tina) Vicente, outstanding custodians

In winter quarter each year, the University of Washington accepts nominations for the Distinguished Staff Award (DSA). The staff, students, and faculty of Smith Hall wanted to recognize Serafin Divina and Kum Cha (Tina) Vicente for the outstanding work they do in keeping our building safe, clean, and well-maintained.

 Josh Apfel, administrator of the Department of History, who headed the nominating team, described the pride Divina and Vicente take in their work and the kindness and courtesy they always radiate:

 “Smith Hall, with its 19 classrooms, multiple departments, plethora of shared spaces, and heavy student usage, is a challenging building to oversee cleaning.  However, even during high volume times at the beginning and end of the quarter, Serafin and Tina are very approachable and willing to go the extra mile so that Smith Hall is a welcoming place for students, faculty, and staff.”

 Divina and Vicente, along with all DSA nominees, were recognized at a reception in February. The winners of the award will be named later this spring.