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Undergraduate Internship Spotlight: Cynthia Meng, Washington State Legislative Internship Program, Winter 2017

Submitted by Nell Gross on July 31, 2017 - 1:01pm
UW History Alum Cynthia Meng speaks on the senate floor during her internship with the Washington State Legislature.

In winter 2017, UW History alum Cynthia Meng interned with the Washington State Legislative Internship Program in Olympia, WA. Read on for Cynthia's reflections on her time in the state legislature and click the link above to find out how current students can get more information about this internship program!

"One thing I loved the most was doing research for bills and prepar[ing] my representatives for the bill hearing. It was a wonderful feeling when you realized what you did mattered. I also enjoyed meeting with various constituents’ groups and organizations. They shared their perspectives and personal stories that change the way I see social dynamics, sometimes dramatically.

One thing [that] stood out was how I see the progress of social change, and the functions of legislations, and what entails a good legislation."