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Cody Hartwich Explores San Sebastian, Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Submitted by Arts & Sciences Web Team on December 14, 2016 - 1:53am
Cody Hartwich in mountaintop fort in San Sebastian, Spain
On top of one of the mountains is an old fort and on one side was an arch that looked out over the city. We brought a flag up to the arch one night and got this amazing shot. GO DAWGS!!!
Food resulting from a cooking class in Spain
Our first cooking class was 3 types of Pinxtos (Tapas) with a glass of sidre to drink.
Bull fighting in San Sebastían, Spain
San Sebastían only recently got their bullfighting league status and so while I was was there, I and a few others went to one of the bullfights they had during Semana Grande which is San Sebastían's annual festival.
View of San Sebastían from a nearby hike
We climbed to the top of one of the mountains one night to watch the sunset, and this is the view back over the city.

Cody Hartwich: San Sebastian, Spain, Summer 2016

This past summer I spent almost two months in Spain as part of a Summer B-Term study abroad program. The program, Food and Culture in the Hispanic World, was focused on just that: food and culture. During the program, we studied where food came from and how it ended up the way it did, as well as contemporary Spanish history and culture. Along with those two classes we were also placed in Spanish classes taught by local teachers. Although the classes were interesting and fun, the most memorable parts of the program were those outside of the classroom. As a group, we went to different cooking classes and learned how to prepare classic and contemporary Spanish dishes; we went to museums where we learned about boats and tasted chocolate; we went to a winery and a cider house; and we met different people all the time.

When we were not in class or on a field trip, I and others on the program went to the beach and explored the town. The nightlife was incredible and an amazing experience. The Spanish there don't leave the clubs or bars until 2 or 3 in the morning, minimum, and sometimes we wouldn't even head home until 5 am when the sun was rising. The people in San Sebastian were incredibly kind and patient with us when we were trying to speak in Spanish or in Basque and they always were happy that we were there. One of the most memorable and exciting things I did while there was to attend a classic Spanish bullfight featuring one of the top bullfighters in the country.

We ended the program in Barcelona and seeing all the architecture, especially the Sagrada Família and Park Güell, was incredible and unlike anywhere else in the world. The entire experience of studying in Spain opened me up to the amazing culture, food, and lifestyle of the Spanish people. If you are looking for a fun, interesting and worthwhile study abroad, I highly recommend this one.


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