UW Grad Student Teaches in Washington's University Beyond Bars Program

Submitted by Alyson Roy on
Katja Schatte

At the Monroe Correctional Complex, PhD Candidate Katja Schatte has been teaching world history as part of the University Beyond Bars program. With this program, students from Monroe's Correctional facility can pursue degrees in history and look toward a more secure future. According to recent studies, participants in these education programs are 43 percent less likely to reoffend. Katja Schatte's courses tackles issues ranging from criminal justice reform to the Black Lives Matter movement to the need for educational reform. The Associated Press did an article on the University Beyond Bars Program. In the article, Schatte was quoted saying "People should be thinking about how do we keep people out of prisons in the first place and education is the answer." For more on this innovative program, follow this link to the original article from the Associated Press: University Beyond Bars.