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Declare Your History Major in Autumn 2016!

Submitted by Nell Gross on March 25, 2016 - 11:39am
History Fellows with photo booth props

Trouble the Narrative

The UW Department of History encourages discussion and debate of pivotal issues from around the world and throughout history. You can declare a History Major after taking just 10 credits of History coursework, so find the courses that captivate you on!

Ready to declare History as your major now? Click here to choose your appointment time.

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Add another History class to your Autumn 2016 schedule and prepare to join the conversation! Consider these highlighted courses:

  • HSTRY 288 Elections as History
  • HSTLAC 185 Latin-American Social Hist
  • HSTAFM 152 African History fr. 1880
  • HSTAA 337 Holocaust & American Life
  • HSTAS 202 Intro to Modern S. Asia
  • HSTEU 276 Postwar Europe
  • HSTCMP 290 LGBT History

In addition to the General History major, we now offer four thematic majors in History:

  • Race, Gender & Power
  • Empire & Colonialism
  • Religion & Society
  • War & Society

Click here for more information about the History Majors and their prerequisites.

History Major Info Session: Click Here for our events listing

Please join us on Thursday, October 27, to find out about the 5 different majors and all 6 minors in History! We'll chat about career opportunities for History alumni - and how we help you prepare for life after graduation. Enjoy snacks and take a photo in the #IHeartUWHistory photobooth!

College to Career Connections

Wondering what you can do with a History Major? We are here to help! Click here for loads of career resources and to learn about the History Fellows Program that prepares rising juniors & seniors for life after graduation!

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