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Sara Leonetti awarded UW President's Medal

Submitted by Eric W. Johnson on May 19, 2015 - 10:20pm
Sara Leonetti
Sara Leonetti

The department congratulates history undergraduate Sara Leonetti, who was named as a 2015 recipient of the highly prestigious University of Washington's President's Medal.

This award recognizes the two graduating seniors who have achieved the most distinguished academic records at the university - one who earned the bulk of his or her degree at UW, and one who completed at UW after transferring from a Washington community college.

Leonetti is completing her undergraduate career with degrees in history and philosophy. Her love of history was invigorated by her experiences at UW. "Initially I was interested in journalism. But that first year I took a course on the history of the Medieval World, and that was the class that made me want to jump out of bed in the morning. As I started to focus more on a career in the law, it became clear that a history degree was the right choice for me. The skills I was learning in my history courses were great preparation for law school, and at the same time I could major in something I love."

Leonetti's enthusiasim for history has shone through in the leading role she has taken in departmental activities. This year she participated in the History Honors and the History Fellows programs, as well as serving as president of the UW chapter of the national Phi Alpha Theta honors society.

Leonetti plans to take a year abroad to teach English in Asia, before starting law school in 2016. The department wishes her all the best!