New History Dissertations Completed in 2013-2014

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Jessie Kindig, PhD, after passing her dissertation defense. With her are members of her dissertation committee: Moon-Ho Jung, James Gregory, and Vincente Rafael

The Department of History is proud to congratulate those who have completed their doctoral dissertations in the past year. Our graduate students research is diverse in both time period and geographic focus. The graduate students listed below completed their doctoral thesis defense between Summer 2013 and Spring 2014. Find out more about our current graduate students and additional recent dissertations.

Recent Dissertations (Summer 2013 - Spring 2014)

Chong Eun Ahn, From Chaoxian ren to Chaoxian zu: Korean Identity under the Japanese Empire and Chinese Nation-State, Chair: Madeleine Dong

Joseph Bernardo, From 'Little Brown Brothers' to 'Forgotten Asian Americans': Race, Space, and Empire in Filipino Los Angeles, Chair: Moon-Ho Jung

Xi Chen, The Making of John B. Gough (1817-1886): Temperance Celebrity, Evangelical Pageantry, and the Conservatism of Popular Reform in Victorian Society, Chair: William Rorabaugh

Jeong Won Hyun, Gift Exchange among States in East Asia during the Eleventh Century, Chair: Patricia Ebrey

Jessie Kindig, War for Peace: Race, Empire and the Korean War, Chairs: James Gregory and Moon-Ho Jung

Devon McCurdy, Upstream Influence: The Economy, the State, and Oregon's Landscape, 1860-2000, Chair: John Findlay

Monica Meadows, The Horse: Conspicuous Consumption of Embodied Masculinity in South Asia, 1600-1850, Chair: Joel Walker

Marty Manor Mullins, Slovakia's Second City in Times of Turbulence: Ko­ice and its Hungarians, Eastern Rite Catholics and Steelworkers in 1948, 1968, and 1989, Chair: James Felak

Nathan Roberts, U.S. Forestry in the Philippines: Environment, Nationhood, and Empire, 1900-1937, Chair: Linda Nash