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History Convocation 2020

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Distinguished Alumni Address
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Presentation of Graduates
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Convocation Program

Collapse A Message from the Chair, Dr. Glennys Young

Dear History Department Graduate,

Please accept the hearty congratulations of the Department of History faculty on your graduation. This degree that we confer upon you confirms you as a lifelong member of an intellectual community. With it, you join a tradition of scholarship that extends, through a variety of fora, from ancient worlds to the present day. My faculty colleagues and I have taken great pride and pleasure in sharing this tradition of learning with you.

This is a special moment for you, but it is important to acknowledge that it is also a time of national reckoning with systemic racism. As you go forth to do great things, the Department urges you to engage in the important work of transforming our institutions and society to end structural racism.

No matter where you go from here, and what you do, you will always remain a part of our community. We hope you stay connected and keep us updated on developments in your life, through our electronic newsletter, our alumni update page, and Facebook page. But for now, simply enjoy your achievement, with the warmest congratulations of the faculty and staff of the History Department!

We are so proud of you!

Glennys Young
Chair, Department of History

Collapse Department of History Class of 2020

Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Arts

Bachelor of Arts