Help for when you can't teach remotely

You are not in this alone. Department staff and colleagues are here to help if circumstances (for example dealing with the loss of a loved one or caring for someone who is ill) make it impossible for you to teach remotely.

If you are concerned about privacy and do not want to disclose information to your students, you may ask a staff member (Tracy Maschman Morrissey or Mark Weitzenkamp) to send an email to the class on your behalf explaining that the department is aware that the faculty member will be on leave for a short period of time.

Below are a few tips to consider.

History Department Tech Support

Eric Johnson,


  • Create assignments that can easily be uploaded to Canvas while you're unable to teach. 
  • Ask someone to guest lecture and use your department guest lecture funds. (Please send inquiries to Josh Apfel or Cameron Molyneux if you have questions about your available guest lecture funds)
  • Contact the History Department tech support to help open a Zoom meeting for your class, and for example, play a video using screen share.
  • Most important, reach out when you need support in a crisis, rather than trying to go it alone.