Adding Panopto Recordings to Modules

Teaching Online, 101: A Guide for History Department Instructors 
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Once you have created basic modules, you may want to add Panopto lecture recordings to them. Here's how.

1. Since you want to add a new content item to your Module, start by going to the Modules page, and clicking the + symbol that shows up on the right-side of the Module

2. In the dropdown for what kind of content to add, choose External Tool

3. In the list of external tools, choose Panopto Recordings

4. When you click the Panopto Recordings link, you should get a list of the recordings loaded into the class

5. Choose the recording you want by clicking the radio button next to it. Then the Insert button should appear (you should not need to worry about the other options).

Click Insert, and then click Add Item. The video should be added to the module (you may need to expand the module in order to see it if the module is collapsed)