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Michael A. Williams

Adjunct Professor

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Michael Williams teaches a range of courses on early Christianity and related religious movements in antiquity, including an Introduction to the New Testament, a more specialized course on early Christian gospels (both New Testament and non-canonical gospels) and Jesus of Nazareth, and various undergraduate and graduate lecture classes and seminars on early Christianity and religion in late antiquity. For the Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilization, he teaches the three-quarter Coptic language series (EGYPT 411, 422, 423). His primary research has been on heterodox movements in the early Christian period (especially the Coptic Nag Hammadi library and related traditions).

Graduate Study Areas

Division: Ancient Mediterranean & Late Antique Near East

Students may prepare a field in Ancient Christianity and Society, covering the history of ancient Christianity, its origins, its relation to the history of religions in the Hellenistic, Roman, and late antique periods; the diversity of ancient Christian movements; heresy, orthodoxy, and society.

**Adjunct professors do not normally supervise first fields.

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