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Kevin McKenna

Ph.D - Job Market Candidate
Instructor, Lewis & Clark College History Department

Contact Information

Miller 425, Lewis & Clark College


M.A. University of Washington, Seattle, 2011
B.A. Columbia University, New York, 2010

My dissertation in progress "Safer Sex: Gay Citizen-Subjects and the Municipal State, 1966-1995" examines how the City of Seattle's recognition of a gay citizen-subject coincided with the neoliberalization of Seattle's political economy. I am particularly interested in how the political economic shift of the late twentieth century from the public/private welfare state to pro-business politics and sexual civil rights politics are mutually constituted, revealing the contradictions of late twentieth century liberalism. Along with the adoption of a particular white, middle-to-upper class gay politics by the municipal state, I am interested in resistance to mainstream gay politics and the effects of the inclusion of this privileged sector of the "LGBTQ community" on the physical and social geography of the city.