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Alain M. Gowing

Adjunct Professor

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Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College, 1988

I am Professor of Classics. My most recent book is Empire and Memory. The Representation of the Roman Republic in Imperial Culture (Cambridge 2005). My current project, tentatively titled Genius urbis. The city of Rome in Latin historiography, investigates when and how the urban spaces, buildings, and monuments of Rome figure in (primarily) Sallust, Livy, and Tacitus. My overarching interests lie in the intersection of history and literature, especially in the imperial period. For a CV and a full list of publications and projects, as well as various dissertations I have supervised or am in the process of supervising, please see my website (listed below).


Professor Gowing's Website

Courses Taught

Graduate Study Areas

Division: Ancient Mediterranean & Late Antique Near East*

The particular field or topic in Roman history will be determined in consultation with me and with an eye to the particular needs, interests, and experience level of the student. Students will be expected to choose, however, an area that complements (and does not necessarily duplicate or overlap with) other fields while adding a useful dimension to their teaching or research profile. Past fields have included imperialism in the Roman Republic, the development and role of the Imperial senate, the senate of the Roman Republic, and the Republican aristocracy.

Division: Comparative History (Historiography)**

The particular area in which I am prepared to offer a field exam is Greek and Roman historiography. The parameters and limits of this field will be determined by the student's preparation and needs. In all instances, however, students will be expected to read both primary texts (some experience with either Latin or Greek is desirable or, depending on circumstances, required) and secondary texts. Particular attention will be paid to relevant theoretical works on the nature of historiography.

*Adjunct faculty do not normally supervise first fields.

**Students may not offer a field in the Comparative History division as a first field.

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